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Welcome to Dvora (Vegh) Zelichov’s Art Catalogue Website

This Website will provide you with an overview of the range of artworks produced by Dvora Zelichov, an accomplished painter and artist.

Dvora was born in 1953 in Tel Aviv to religious parents who were Holocaust survivors, specialised in art at the Bet Zeiroth Mizrachi (now Talpiot) Teachers’ Training College,
and completed a two years study course at the Ramat HaSharon Academy of Art.

For twenty-five years Dvora was on the staff of Amit High School, Tel Aviv,
teaching in the Art Department.

The themes of Dvora’s paintings in the past and the present are drawn from
moments in her life, flowing via her brush on to the canvas in form and hue,
in open composition—all elements present at the same time with no starting
or finishing points. Her works have been shown at exhibitions and are
to be found in private art collections.

You may examine her creations in detail on this Website and learn about them
in a convenient and friendly manner. We shall be glad to assist you should you wish
to view the pieces directly, or arrange a personal meeting with the artist;
you are welcome to get in touch.


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