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How to Order Dvora Zelichov’s Works of Art

Art lovers all over the world purchase Dvora Zelichov’s art creations.
Some of the works have been shown and purchased by art collectors at various exhibitions,
and are on permanent view in their homes.

Numerous pieces are on exhibit and serve as artistic items forming part of
the unique interior décor designed for the offices of major business corporations.

To arrange for a personal viewing of the works and for details on how they may be purchased

—you may contact the artist directly as follows:

Dvora (Vegh) Zelichov

Tel: +972-3-7441433 | Fax: +972-3-7441435 | Mobile: +972-54-4446644


If you have any queries concerning the artworks or for further details and information
on how they may be purchased, please complete the following form and leave a message:

* Name :
* Telephone :
* E-Mail :
  Message :

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