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About the Work
The themes of Dvora’s paintings in the past and the present
are drawn from moments in her life.

These were moments that flowed via her brush on to the canvas in line, form and hue, in open composition—all elements present at one and the same time with no starting or finishing points.

The building blocks of her paintings consist of a multiplicity of strata,
a range of colours—often strongly contrasting—whose interaction arouses tension, rhythm, and motion.

The evocative texture of Dvora’s paintings is also formed using scriptural verses, fragments of verses and portions of text, serving as an additional means of expression in that same well organised depiction of powerful experiences.

Certain elements, motifs and symbols recur again and again in Dvora’s work,
also conveying these experiences:


Ability to spread its wings

Icon in superstitions

Significance in Jewish culture

Metonymical use—associative linkage between two entities,
enabling one to represent the other


Dvora (Veg) Zelichov’s works have been on show at various exhibitions since 1996.

Tel Aviv Gebo gallery, group exhibition on the subject of marriage and relationships "Wedding"

Beit Immanuel: Exhibition entitled “A Personal Prayer”

Amalia Arbel Gallery: “Moments in my Life”

ZOA House

Bank Leumi: “The Holocaust”

Bank Hapoalim: To promote donations in the war on AIDS

Art collectors’ exhibitions in Los Angeles

Permanent exhibitions

Holocaust Series

As Dvora belongs to the second generation after the Holocaust,
she cannot but address the colossal dimensions of the trauma her family underwent.
Her parents survived the death camps;
her father was bereaved of an entire family: a wife, three sons, parents and other relatives.
The father figure accompanies the artist and her works both explicitly and implicitly—in objects,
events, sensations, emotions and metaphorical insights; especially manifesting themselves in the
Holocaust Series. Looking at the complete Series shows us once again that
the whole may be greater than the sum of its individual parts.

In 2014 The Museum of Yad Vashem decided to add to its permanent collection
Dvora zelichov's creation called Lena (Leah)

To view the catalogue of Holocaust Series works click here.

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