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 Works of Art—Catalogue of Holocaust Series Artworks

Dvora's parents survived the labor camps and death camps of the holocaust. "My father lost a wife, three sons, parents and other family members. With my mother he started a new family - but died young. His heart failed him. My mother, now 92, also lost a significant part of her family; she was and still is the dominant figure of our family today"

Dvora's Parental figures and their family members effects the artist and her work openly and implicitly; Objects, events, feelings, emotions and metaphorical interpretations are expressed specifically in the series Holocaust.

The artist is a second generation to the holocaust, and as such, Dvora felt she could not ignore its significance and huge dimension:

"At home it was forbidden to speak of the Holocaust, the subject was taboo, unmentionable, so I do not know details about the valley of death.

I have not experienced the pain firsthand, but as a girl who grew up in the presence of suffering, those tortured, longing and trying to act and look vital. Although you cannot show with shape and color the atrocities these people have experienced and their lives, the characters and events appear in the paintings in an abstract and symbolic as well as real and tangible.

Painting my father and his children I tried to express a mother and now a grandmother's view point, drawing from understanding the pain and sorrow inherent in a loss so Terrible.

My mother, a wonderful woman, a survivor, a believer with all her heart, strong and stubborn, painted using her holocaust tattooed number engraved on her hand A-17538

The difficulty and pain in the life of Deborah's parents as Holocaust survivors, is echoing in her Art works.

In 2014 the museum of "Yad Vashem" decided to add to its permanent art collection Dvora's art work named "Lina (Lea)" a painting that gives expression to her mother the Holocaust survivor.


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